help the cause!

Want to help change the world by making college ministry even better?

That’s my goal these days, and you can help the cause!

Here are a few ways you can help:

financial help

People regularly ask me how all this “exploring” (including the yearlong road trip) are being paid for. A few people have have already donated to help me out, and many have provided through their amazing hospitality during my various road trips. But the truth is, most of my explorations from the last two years haven’t been paid for yet.

The impact of what I’m doing continues to be confirmed: step by step, project by project, message by message, contact by contact, I’m helping draw people together and sharing truth that American Christians need about this vital area of ministry. That included publishing Reaching the Campus Tribes for free, because I knew that provided the best chance for it to help lots of people.

But I’m still watching to see how God wants to provide for all this.

So if my book or any of my research seems like something you’d like to support, donations would be greatly appreciated! Or, if you know someone who might like to invest in the future of college ministry in this way, please consider passing on this need. All my contact info can be found here.

Of course, I’m also open to consulting, speaking, or otherwise helping any organization think about its involvement with college students. So let me know if you’re like to support me by giving me those opportunities!

spread the word

Of course, not everybody has money to give. But don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways to help the cause.

First, like I just mentioned, you can tell others about my financial need. Maybe someone you know would love to help college ministry grow stronger in a way that’s uniquely impactful.

But you can also share my book and my blog with others! The book is for lots of people: Reaching the Campus Tribes was written with pastors, parents, and other Christian leaders in mind. So be sure to tell them to read it! The daily blog, meanwhile, is a phenomenal resource for anyone you know who connects with college students or cares deeply about seeing them impacted. Through, I’m able to share everything I’ve learned and discuss important issues with other collegiate leaders.

I’m always excited to help people who are interested in reaching college students. So if you know some of those people, why don’t you let them know this stuff is out there? Even knowing somebody is working hard to help can be a BIG encouragement.


I mean it – I would love for you to pray for me and for the great need to reach college students better. I do believe God is stirring people’s hearts to reach college students better. But unless He brings this about, all my work – and anybody else’s work – won’t mean anything.

Please pray, too that I would faithfully fulfill this ministry I’ve been given.

Thanks for helping the cause in any way God leads!

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