excerpt #4: practical concerns about college ministry

April 18, 2009 at 2:01 am (Uncategorized)

Chapter 6 of the new book is a quirky little interlude, but I actually really like it being in there. Entitled “Practical Concerns,” it addresses some of the key issues Christians have about practicing college ministry. Chapter 5 of the book discusses why college ministry matters; Chapter 6 (hopefully) precludes the objections that arise even after people have all those great reasons to reach college students.

Here’s the beginning of Chapter 6:

Even though there may be strong reasons to prioritize college ministry, it still must be practical for the many churches, denominations, and parachurch groups who will be involved. So it’s very important to address common concerns about taking on this task.

The most common objections to pursuing college ministry arise from the following areas:

  • The short time frame and transitory nature of the college years
  • Past difficulties experienced in trying to impact college students
  • Not enjoying the fruits of our labors, because students graduate and move on
  • The unspiritual or uninterested nature of collegiate culture
  • The financial cost involved, without receiving financial return from the students

We might assume these objections most often come from pastors and churches. But they can apply just as much to those in campus-based and Christian college settings, as well as to denominational leaders and members, parachurch participants, and anyone else who might consider connecting to the campus tribes.

I’ll address these concerns in the following pages…

Reaching the Campus Tribes will be released on Monday, April 20th; it can be downloaded for free at www.reachingthecampustribes.com.

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