Reaching the Campus Tribes

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Why Reach the Campus Tribes?
Using 3 chapters from the main book, Why Reach discusses why impacting college students is both vital and practical. Great for sharing with parents, pastors, and others who need to hear this message!



  • for downloading the ebook: While you might be able to click on the book and read it online, it’s usually far easier to download the book before reading it. To do that, right-click the link for the version you want. If you’re using Internet Explorer, choose “Save Target As….” (In Firefox, choose “Save Link As….”) Save the file to your Desktop for easiest access.
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  • for printing the ebook: If you want to print the book to fill each piece of paper, when you click Print, choose “Fit to Printable Area” under Page Scaling. (This assumes you’re using Adobe Reader.)